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Catalonia Occupation Service

Privacy policy

The SOC respects and protects the privacy of the SOC website services users. Your individual information will not be revealed to third parties without your permission, as we explain in this privacy policy.

The SOC and the cookies

During your first visit, the SOC sends a cookie to your computer. A cookie is the information which identifies you as a private user.The SOC uses cookies in order to improve the quality of its service and for understanding better our users. For this reason the SOC stores the user preferences through the cookies and knows the trends and the standards of the users. The SOC will not reveal the cookies to third parties, except for legal procedures, such as a search permission, citation, statute or a court order.

Most of the browsers are configured to accept cookies. You can configure again your browser in order to reject all cookies or to indicate that a cookie has been sent. Take in account that maybe some functions of the SOC service search will work in a wrong way if you reject cookies.

What kind of information do we compile?

The SOC doesn’t compile individual information (like the name, e-mail address, etc.), except when the user gives expressly this information. The SOC keeps information such as the hour, the kind of browser, the language and the IP address. We use this information to verify our registrations and offer the best services to our users. For instance, the SOC can use your IP address or the language of your browser in order to choose the language to show you the results of your search or applications.

When does the SOC share the information?

The SOC will not share information with third parties without your permission. For example, we can reveal the frequency of visits to our website or the most searched terms, with the search “Linux". Nevertheless, you must take in account that we will reveal your private information in case of legal procedures, such as a search permission, citation, statute or a court order.

The private permission and changes in the privacy policy

The use of search services, applications and website contents from the SOC implies the user permission for compiling and using information, as stipulated in this policy and according to use conditions. The SOC can decide changes in this privacy policy. In this case, we will publish the modifications in this website. So we recommend you become aware of the information that we compile, how we use it and when we will reveal it.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can always contact us. We will be very pleased to solve your doubts. Our email address is


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