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Online procedures

On Internet you can:

  • Renewal of the right to benefit
    With this option you can renew your demand identifying you with the digital certificate or, if you don't have it, with your NIF/NIE and access data.
    You can consult the informative leaflet (PDF, 1.001 kB) about how to do the renew of the demand, through Internet or calling the 012.

  • Consult your CV
    You can access to your cv, define your professional profile and find interesting job offers.

  • Ask for reports
    Access to information to see the current situation as a job seeker or the renewal card copy (DARDO).

  • Change your administrative situation
    Once registered at the SOC, you can get unsubscribed on Internet.

  • Service of professional orientation of the SOC
    Ask for appointment in your Work Office and qualified qualified will accompany you and advises in the process of incorporation to the job market.

The function that you are trying to use only works in Catalan or Spanish, sorry for the inconvenience.